About Us

A4C Electronics is a professional manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of Video Game Accessories ,Smartphone accessories and Macbook accessories etc consumer electronics products. It is committed to providing customers with product R&D, design, production and marketing services to provide value to customers. A4c adheres to continuous innovation around customer needs, providing customers with professional, honest, quality, service and continuous improvement services. Founded in 2009, we have been deeply involved in the industry for decades and are committed to providing our customers with the basic concepts of quality products and services.


- Create value for customers

Providing quality and reliable products to all customers, keeping close to the customer market, bringing value and sustainable development to customers.

- Promote benign customer relationships

We advocate openness, cooperation, integrity, friendliness, and mutual benefit, cooperate with customers to innovate, expand industrial value, and form a healthy and benign cooperative relationship.


Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of our existence. We accurately pass customer requirements and expectations to all of our products and work with our partners to make quality. We respect the rules process, do things right and improve continuously; We work with our clients to balance opportunities and risks, respond quickly to customer needs and achieve sustainability. A4C is committed to providing high quality products, services and solutions to its customers, and continues to let customers experience our commitment to creating value for each customer.